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Voting (Part 5 - the final post)

If Christians said we will no longer vote for a “lesser of two evils” I am convinced that we would see more women and men of merit step up.

How Should Christians Vote? (Part 3)

Following Jesus is going to cost us many things in this world. Our goals in this life are not the goals of the world, we cannot desire polit

How Should Christians Vote? (Part 2)

This post goes more deeply into why should not support someone for political office who is a false Christian.

How Should Christians Vote? (Part 1)

Failing to demonstrate Christ, failing to walk how we talk, and supporting those who do so as well, puts obstacles in people's way.

Foundational Christian Doctrine

This post provides the level set for understanding the foundational beliefs of what it means to be a Christian.

Introduction to Political Thought

This post is an introduction to political science and will explore the foundations of our modern political system.

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I started What Would Jesus Do About Politics with the goal of offering readers a thoughtful perspective on some of the most pressing issues today at the intersection of Christianity and politics. 

A note about the name: I do not claim this to be the definitive source for what Jesus would do in any political situation. In this blog I will attempt to wrestle with tough questions and try to come as close to what I think Jesus would do. But the name is mostly a fun play on the popular "What Would Jesus Do" bracelets that many Christians of my generation will remember.

Read on and enjoy!

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